Outfits studio

Téléthon. Moving towards a happy end.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So pictures that move are worth a million more, right? Regardless, the Téléthon needed to get people moving with some key messages and whenever someone needs to create movement, we’re on it. In this case we illustrated the everyday difficulties facing those that depend on the Téléthon, the need for the authorities to face their responsibilities and the way every donation brings the Téléthon closer to the day it is no longer needed. And that is the happy ending we are all hoping for.

  • Client : Téléthon
  • Animation: Elisa Ciocca (Outfits.studio)
  • Direction : Elisa Ciocca (Outfits.studio)
  • Production : Manuel Ammann (Outfits.studio)
  • Creative Direction : Elisa Ciocca (Outfits.studio), Cyril Jaunin and Nathan Saurer (Messieurs.ch)
  • Art Direction: Guillaume Mégroz (Outfits.studio)
  • Writing : Thomas Wiesel and Cyril Jaunin (Messieurs.ch)
  • Soundtrack & Sound Design : Smider
  • VO: Thomas Wiesel, Davide Gagliardi and Silvio Wey
  • Storyboarding & Illustration: Elisa Ciocca (Outfits.studio) and Miriam Palopoli