Outfits studio

Sexism and sexual harassement

An explanation, a declaration, an invitation to take responsibility; with this motion design piece, the University of Lausanne (UNIL) takes a firm stand. Strong typography and a myriad of colourful shapes are brought to life to help deliver the key messages of an important subject... Discrimination of any kind is never ok.

  • Client: Université de Lausanne
  • Animation: Bee Grandinetti and Elisa Ciocca (Outfits.studio)
  • Direction & Writing: Julie Pellet (23bis)
  • Graphic Design: Fanny Geiser (23bis)
  • Creative Direction & Production: Guillaume Mégroz (Outfits.studio)
  • Sound Design: Smider
  • Storyboarding & Illustration: Bee Grandinetti
  • VO: Donatienne Amann and Yacine Nemra