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Unlocking Agile Success: The Agile Culture Transformation Canvas

The growing interest in agile methodologies stems from their adaptability to volatile environments and their potential for fostering sustainability. Yet, navigating an agile transformation often encounters resistance from the organization's existing culture. Thus, it's imperative to consider and, if needed, adjust the organizational culture to align with agile principles. To address this, Dr. Stéphanie Missonier and Alicia Roschnik from HEC Lausanne have developed a collaborative tool called the Agile Culture Transformation Canvas (ACTC) – in collaboration with agile experts, future users and organizations. To support the comprehension of its functioning, we made a graphically engaging short explainer video to give the methodology a way to be known and taught to a wider audience.

  • Director / Art Director: Lorenzo Monti
  • Motion Designer: Mathilde Traversié
  • Motion Designer: Elisa Ciocca
  • Producer: Richard Ammann