Outfits studio

Our 2024 wishes rethought. From you for you.

In December 2023, we reached out to our colleagues, clients, friends and collaborators to convey our new year’s wishes. We invited them to share their current emotions and aspirations by answering 5 questions. We then attentively collected all their answers; our aim was to create a visual landscape that would translate their feelings into textures shapes and sounds. We gave each question its unique universe, to create a richer experience.

  • Direction: Lorenzo Monti
  • Motion design: Mathilde Traversié
  • Production: Elena Iruarrizaga Ballesteros
  • Artistic direction: Guillaume Mégroz and Nathan Saurer
  • Graphic design: Fanny Geiser and Mila Francioso
  • Sound Design: Niccolò Chotkowski