Outfits studio

Mikron Object Oriented Software. MOOS for short.

An amazing new product, the best automation software around as the developers will confirm. They don’t need any explanations (hey, they wrote the code 🙂 ) but potential buyers sure do. If only they would stop falling asleep in the middle of the presentation. Wake up time! An energetic score and industrial context they know well, leading up to an illustrated demo of how MOOS works, what it does and the heaps of benefits. Complexity made simple. Where do we sign?

  • Production: Messieurs.ch
  • Camera Assistant: Cédric Heckly
  • Producer: Richard Ammann
  • Motion Design: Elisa Ciocca & Francesca Cattaneo
  • Director: Guillaume Mégroz
  • Acting: Bruno Roy
  • DOP: Dino Berguglia
  • Editing: Julian Zimmermann
  • Gaffer: Mathieu Werlen
  • Year: 2020