Outfits studio

An entire world in your box.

Although these boxes no longer carry newspapers during the week, they have not been left to abandon: The “Matin Dimanche” can still be found there every Sunday, come rain or shine. We put the spotlight on the hard work that goes into the making of this weekly newspaper. The creation of animations and playful characters shows what goes on “behind the boxes”; illustrating the key stages and numerous professions involved in producing the “Matin Dimanche”. To do this we built a multidisciplinary team, each member bringing their technical and creative knowhow into play (shoot, illustration, motion design, 3D/CGI).

  • Direction & Art Direction: Guillaume Mégroz
  • Editor: Julian Zimmermann
  • Production: Richard Ammann
  • Illustration: Catherine Pearson
  • Motion Design: Elisa Ciocca and Miriam Palopoli
  • Music and Sound Design: Smider
  • DOP: Dino Berguglia
  • Year: 2020
  • Camera assistant: Cédric Heckly